Drug Dependence and Treatment

alcohol addictionWhy do people use medications?

Drugs are used because of the pleasant declare that is induced by the brain if they are used. This pleasant state temporarily relieves the user of feelings of distress – for example, stress and anxiety, anger and sadness. The misuse of medications causes long-long lasting adaptive structural adjustments in the mind that subsequently leads to increased tolerance of the medication, physical dependence, craving, lack of self-control and decreased capability to make rational decisions. This inevitably leads to further make use of. Withdrawal from the medication causes an increase in need to use again to avoid the physical and emotional ramifications of withdrawal.

Some people are more susceptible to drug addiction than others:

People with a family group history of medication abuse/alcoholism

Environmental factors – social environment, history of trauma, peer pressure etc.

Dual medical diagnosis e.g. depression, anxiety, bi-polar

Adolescents – because of the fact that the region in the mind that governs decision-making and personal -control is still developing, this generation reaches particular risk.

Drug abuse takes many forms, from the misuse of recommended medications such as sleeping tablets and tranquilizers, to the misuse of non-prescribed medicines like cannabis (marijuana or weed), cocaine (or crack), heroin, TIK (methyl amphetamine), MDMA (ecstasy), and GHB (date rape drug).

Indications that somebody is abusing drugs:

Mood swings and elevated irritability and hostility

Increase or decrease in sleep

Increased or decreased appetite

Weight loss

Poor focus and memory lapse

Energetic or impulsive behaviour and poor decision making

Dishonesty and stealing

Avoidance of previously loved activities

Change in routine and friends

Blood shot eye or dilated pupils

Possession of medication related devices e.g. cup pipes, tin foil, burnt spoons, small plastic bags

Substance addiction solution

Identical to alcoholism, drug addiction is known as a persistent disease and requires on-heading treatment and management. Drug addiction can be a progressive disease. It will continue to get worse unless there is normally some form of intervention.

recovery centre requires a lot of support. The medication user is likely to be initially resistant to get treatment due to the physical adjustments that take place in the mind, which leads to poor decision-making. The results of using drugs are in a way that the drug user will probably find that their lives become unmanageable in every area. For instance, relationships with family and friends break down, job loss, lack of cash, criminal behaviour, legal issues and health issues.

Professional help could be had a need to assist your loved one to require help. Treatment plans swiftly provide the system for sobriety, which models the stage for creating a recovery plan and discovery that a drug free lifestyle can be possible. Integration in to the 12-Stage Narcotics Anonymous program has an on-going support program and social networking to aid with sobriety, one day at the same time.

Intervention is the single most reliable technique to use when assisting someone you care about who is suffering from addiction, whether alcoholism or drug addiction, or behavioral addictions, such as gambling or sex addiction. Confronting an addiction is not easy, and you’ll wish to consider the aid of a professional.

There are many misconceptions about what an intervention really is. Some people believe that it is an emotional ambush, or actually an uncaring assault. The truth is a carefully planned intervention can be an activity founded on like and honesty. But how does someone go about the process of planning and executing something for which you haven’t been trained, nor ever hoped to want to do?

That’s where we come in.

In case you are struggling to really get your relative or significant other into treatment plus they are “digging their heels in” saying “I don’t have a problem”, e mail us today and we will help you arrange a facilitated intervention.

We understand the procedure for bringing the people collectively who can best provide the love and support had a need to plan and implement an effective intervention. Our job is making comfy that which seems impossible.

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