How To Choose Photolemur

Photolemur 2.2 Specter can be an update to the previous version we’ve tested and found to be great , In between, the algorithm was improved, however the second version no more included the slider, over that you could make minimal own settings. Because in basic principle, Photolemur’s motto can be to draw pictures or go for them with a dialog box, then your software program analyzes the templates fully automatically including colors, reputation of faces and items like sky, makes the white stability and tries to lessen the image sound. With the finished result you have to live in a means, without being in a position to impact further. Although you are usually well off, the photos are much more contrasting, extreme and color-balanced.

Again great tuning via slider

Nevertheless, you could skip the slider for your own adjustments. That is now from 2.2 with other features back: Although so long as have the decision between “Realistic” and “Vivid” as in Photolemur 1 , Rather, you can now see not merely the direct assessment between before and after, but with a go through the fresh brush on the image window is normally a slider with the types “Original” and also to the right “Reinforce”. Right here one will not do anything else than to get back the optimization of the photo calculated by Photolemur in stages. And looks very elegant the intermediate stages between your original photo and the final version of the picture editing. Furthermore, everything is now in German, although the amount of menu items and commands is extremely low. But that’s also the purpose of this image processing, which searches using its algorithms for several predetermined groups and content to boost them because of their artificial intelligence.Macphun picture editing Snapheal , if you own them.

The programmer has made additional changes, so for complete compatibility with macOS High Sierra, we also believe that it is considerably faster if you have multiple images in the stack edit. That’s thanks to the programmer for an improved and faster algorithm. We have already mentioned the new slider. Support for the German and additional languages ​​has been added and on the Macintosh the integration of Snapheal. Furthermore, an improved RAW import and bug fixes.

Photolemur also under Windows

Anyway, we are quite content with the Mac version of photolemur 2.3 phoenix , because you can barely progress photos on the fly . There are individual adjustments for this in other programs. But we also viewed the Windows version. Here you need at least Windows 7, we’ve Windows10 tested. New here is the choice as a Photoshop plug-in. Normally it works and looks a lot like Mac. So that we can recommend Photolemur also for the co-workers from the PC Group. Of program, missing some of the export choices from the Mac under Windows – on the PC, there are just 2.2 local storage, Facebook and Twitter. Here and also there one will pay with the offerer for an individual place version scarcely 30 euro. For approximately 50 euros you get a license that you could run on a total of five products.

Conclusion and recommendation

For many users, Photolemur 2.2 should be enough to improve holiday pictures, photos of parties or additional personal events. The slider allows adjustments to the effects of the optimization, which is effective especially for smaller images with lower resolutions such as too much noise and JPEG artifacts. With good, higher-quality templates, there is no need to worry about anything. We still want extra integrations with image editing on the Mac pc – under Windows you possess at least Photoshop and on the Macintosh Snapheal and Lightroom. With Apple photos, on the other hand, it didn’t work so well with us, here we only received one message when trying. Nevertheless, Photolemur 2 is also used for itself.

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