Introducing WS FTP

ipswitch ws ftpThe WS_FTP Server coming from Ipswitch is now available in version 7.7. Like its ancestors, it really is made to deliver documents in a straightforward and safe way using the File Transfer Protocol.

New are the support of the existing OpenSSL version 1.0.1i as well as the security requirements of the OWASP Top Ten (Open Web Program Security Project).

Furthermore, the server right now supports Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2012 R2, and SQL Server 2014. Ipswitch also claims to have improved the balance of the software.

Three versions

The WS_FTP server item family consists of three members . The essential version ipswitch ws ftp provides SSL encryption (AES with 256-bit keys) based on the FIPS-140-2 standard. There is also a concern with SSH. The WS_FTP Server Corporate also facilitates LDAP, SSL / FTPS, SSH / SFTP and SCP2 (Secure Duplicate). Also, HTTPS is roofed by default, much less an option much like the various other two editions.

Existing customers can obtain the revise to version 7.7 as part of their maintenance contract via their personal Consumer Portal.

Even more technical details

WS_FTP 7.7 operates on server systems running Windows Server 2008 (Standard, Enterprise, R2, 32, and 64-bit) and 2012 (Standard, Datacenter, and R2, 32, and 64-bit). In addition, it facilitates VMware ESXi 4.0 and ESX 5.0 virtual machines (32-little bit and 64-bit Guest OS’S only), in addition to Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0 (32-bit and 64-bit Guest Operating Systems only) on Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 64-little bit.

There is also a plug-in for the ad-hoc transfer module available for Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. The plug-in works with numerous mail servers, such as Exchange Server 2010, 2007 and 2003 and the in-home Ipswitch IMail 11 (via SMTP). If Outlook and Exchange are shared, Cached Exchange Mode is supported, but not required.

With the ad hoc or web transfer module, users can send file attachments straight from Outlook or with a web browser, and securely. The info is normally encrypted and accessible only after authentication.


The bottom edition of WS_FTP 7.7 costs $ 695, the version with SSH support about $ 1,500, and the organization edition costs around $ 4,000.

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