Thrive Ultimatum – Is it a Scam?

wordpress countdown timerWordPress is becoming an integral part of CMS in recent years and is frequently used as a base for building websites. I have been working for time with Optimizepress with Thrive Themes and want to show you in this post my encounters and benefits and drawbacks.

You obtain that with Thrive Themes

If you buy Thrive Themes you will not only obtain the Themebuilder “Architect” but also a great many other equipment and addons. What is in ThriveThemes and everything you may use these tools are available here.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is the core tool of ThriveThemes as a homepage builder. The benefit here is the pleasurable and easy-to-use Livebuilder. This will save you the constant backwards and forwards between backend and live preview. After updating the prior “Thrive Content Builder” to “Thrive Architect”, nowadays there are additional options such as for example video headers, better section separators and placing options for responsive designs. The largest drawback is those who have previously caused the “Thrive Content Builder”. Since some elements have already been changed in the new “Thrive Architect”, such as cost lists or testimonials, these are still shown but can no longer be edited. Therefore, there is nothing at all else to accomplish but to replace these elements with new types. A spot which is not a disadvantage Personally disturbing me even though, are the page templates / templates. These are extremely American style (colourful confused “, which does not always meet my taste.) But with a few clicks you can provide free rein to your opinions.

Thrive leads

Everyone who works together with optin’s and enamelists will like Thrive Leads! Individually, I find these tools among the best in the whole Thrive Themes arsenal and I would not want to deprive Soe. With Thrive Prospects you save considerable time when it comes to creating popups, optins, newsletter subscriptions or call to activities. In only a few clicks on your dashboard, you’ve produced these tools. The advantage this is actually the step-by-step instructions during the creation. Also the integration with email systems like Getresponse , Mailchimp ect. are applied very fast and uncomplicated.

Thrive ultimatum

Do you have specific advertisements, banners or promotions on your page that you would like to highlight? Then you can do precisely that with wordpress countdown .

Again, there are a huge number of ready-made designs that are really good and very easily customizable. You can also set the option where and when the banners should be displayed.

The 3 main settings between that you can decide are the following.

Fixed date campaigns

Here you can established a start and end date. For example, start Mon and end on Fri. Before and now period, the banner or advertisement will not be displayed.

Automatically Recurring Campaigns

For those who have certain campaigns or promotions that repeat weekly, regular monthly, or at certain times (for instance, a Black Friday offer), you can end these recurring campaigns here.

THE BEST Evergreen System

If you want to display banners, campaigns or other advertisements permanently to your internet site visitors, you then are in the best hands with this setting.

If you want to create time-limited quotations or show ads and popups only at specific instances, you can do so with the trigger option. Even tools like counters are included.

Thrive Ovation

If you would like to include testimonials in your website, you may use Thrive Ovation. If you have inserted your testimonials with image, name and text in the backend, you can simply integrate them into the Thrive Architect Builder. You have the opportunity to are the testimonials individually, several (for example, as a grid or list) or as a slider. The advantage here is that many ready-made style variants are available. The disadvantage, however, is that the design templates could be little changed and individualized.

Just how Important Is Web design?

web development in nycIn this article I will be writing about website design , how it affects sales, and how it compares in importance to additional areas of Website Administration. Lets list the different aspects of owning or managing a Website.

Domain: How important may be the domain name you select for your Website? Many people state it isn’t essential at all, yet I have number 1 listings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN for the main element phrases that precisely match my domain name. It matters a lot.

You will need a domain name that matches keywords and phrases additionally, you will use in your site that individuals are searching for. Many people think their business name should be their domain name. Should you have lots of money for advertising to create your firm name something people seek out, I trust you. If you do not have that ad budget, then you need a generic domain name that is clearly a phrase people currently search for.

Web Hosting: How important is deciding on the best Web Hosting Support for your site? Again, that is important in many ways. You need your Website to load fast. If your Website loads slow, people will keep without buying anything. Additionally you need to choose a Web Hosting Program that gives great tech support. There are much more things to consider when choosing a good Web Hosting Program, but be sure you rate this on top of your set of things that are essential to your site.

WEB SITE DESIGN: How essential is WEB PAGE DESIGN? Your Website must look professional and trustworthy to be able to create buyer confidence. A badly designed Website can cost you sales. However, and this is the part that web designers will hate me for, it is not as important as much of the various other areas of Website ownership and management.

Many web designers know nothing about seo, picking a good domain name, hosting, Website advertising, or other issues. They only know design. That is a good thing for me, but they should let their customers know they certainly are a developer and cannot help their Website be competitive in the marketplace. Yes, there are several designers that learn than just design, but many usually do not. Keep this at heart.

A beautiful Website that gets no visitors and makes no money might as well become an ugly Site. An ugly Site that has traffic and makes cash gets more beautiful by the dollar.

SEO: How important is SEO to my Internet site? Extremely important! Again, many web site designers have no idea how to properly optimize a Website for the various search engines. It is necessary to have somebody who specializes in SEO to go over your Website and make sure it is prepared to get crawled and indexed by the search engines.

There was a time when SEO was all-inclusive with link constructing, Website promotion, search engine marketing techniques, etc. Instances have changed relatively and the search engines have become more complicated, so now many people specialize in certain aspects of SEO.

I define SEO as coding the Website properly, writing text message that contains the proper amount and correct keywords and phrases, internet search engine submissions, and some link constructing techniques.

Search Engine Marketing: What’s SEM and how essential is certainly this to my Website? SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING TECHNIQUES by my very own description is marketing your site through Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and other keyword purchasing applications and also purchasing links, advertisements, and sponsored listings.

Again, many individuals are specializing in an area they have success with these days. I am extremely proficient at SEO, but I have limited experience with SEM. Consequently, I could make your Website ready to be crawled, do link constructing, and write text message that helps you attract good internet search engine rank and traffic, but I would not really be the guy you’ll hire to manage your Adwords system.

Website Promotion: Just one more category with a relationship to SEO and SEM. How important is definitely this category? For me it tops the list. What is Website Promotion? This category includes Article Marketing, Press Releases, Link Recognition, Buying Visitors, Blogging, Forum Posting and more.

Why perform I consider it more important? First, none of the things mentioned right here can stand-alone. You have to consider all of the various aspects as essential. However, se’s change constantly. Depending on se’s for all or the majority of your visitors and sales is putting your daily life in Google’s hands essentially since they take into account 60% of most searches now.

In case you are comfortable with one business having that much control over how well you do on the internet, then ignore Internet site promotion and simply do SEO and SEM. You need visitors from many different sources if you want to be successful. That method if one resource dies out, you are not affected nearly just as much as someone who only experienced one or a few resources of traffic would be.

Focus on traffic generation from every source you can. Post comments in Sites and Forums linked to your topic. That means in fact join the discussion boards or blogs and actually try the conversations there and post quality comments. Be helpful to people at the forums and websites. Ask questions. No one will mind a hyperlink in your SIG collection goes to your site is you certainly are a real participant. If they do object at that point, look for a new place to join.

Start your own Blog page. You can put up two if you actually want to reap the benefits of Blogging. A Blog inside your domain name or on a subdomain may help you add fresh articles to your website more regularly. That supports the SEO. You can build a Blog page on another domain name and promote links to webpages inside your Website and benefit from a little link reputation while also offering customers another method to find your site. Doorway web pages used to end up being the ideal solution. Blogs by themselves domain name possess replaced doorway webpages as the way to go.

MARKETING WITH ARTICLES means writing and submitting articles and submitting them to article directory sites, writing quality content articles and providing them to topic-relative high-traffic Websites as exclusive content, and pr announcements are a great way to obtain traffic that builds link popularity as well. The traffic you obtain from individuals who read your article are many more times more likely to convert to a sale than the traffic you obtain from search engines.

StrongVPN – An In Depth Anaylsis on What Works and What Doesn’t

strongvpn com reviewsStrongVPN has a large system of 407 VPN servers in twenty countries worldwide., With more than 10,000 IP addresses available. The provider is actually recognized for its quality lines and services. The provider is headquartered in the US and also provides several VPN protocols and easy-to-use access software.

StrongVPN prices and promotions

StrongVPN offers several VPN rates that you are able to choose according to the needs of yours. The newest offers will be found right on the site of StrongVPN. The VPN provider gives auto installation of the software program as well as apps for Windows, Mac OSX, Apple iOS and Android.

Currently, strongvpn netflix offers new customers a special discount of 30 % on the access tariff via PPTP. A whole year for only 1dolar1 4.68 a month.

Refund warranty

String is a 7-day money back guarantee. It’s therefore worthwhile to seize a much larger package right away and also to stop the contract if you don’t like it.

StrongVPN payment options

Developing a new user account takes only a couple of moments. Payment options include: credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union and Bitcoin.

StrongVPN server

StrongVPN supports several VPN technologies such as PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN. While there are no key differences, we suggest using OpenVPN as probably the safest alternative for use on Windows, Mac OSX or perhaps Linux devices. While PPTP uses the options on devices that are mobile as well as iPad, iPhone, Android or perhaps Nokia Symbian devices.

StrongVPN supports Netflix on Pc / Chromecast, mac OSX or Other devices as AppleTV, GoogleTV or other digital streaming devices.

StrongVPN also supports the strong configuration of DD WRT routers.

StrongVPN operates VPN servers in twenty countries worldwide:

Great Britain: London, Nottingham, Rugby, Manchester, Maidenhead, Livingston

USA: Seattle, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco , Washington DC

Canada, Germany, Holland / Holland, Romania, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Russian federation, Singapore, Luxembourg, Norway, France, Malaysia, Sweden, Japan, Turkey and Lithuania.

In our tests we could find that StringVPN has very good connections especially in the USA. All test areas have been rated but really good to very good and correspond to the nice average of the best ten VPN providers from our tests. It may be assumed that the loss of speed compared to a connection Without VPN is so less than -10 %.

StrongVPN compatibility

As previously reported StrongVPN provide a number of different VPN protocols such as: PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, OpenVPN and SSTP, which may be utilized on virtually all available devices guaranteed.

Furthermore, StrongVPN access software program or tutoring aids are available for:

Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)


Linux Ubuntu


Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Nokia Symbian

Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

StrongVPN – Test Summary

StrongVPN provides quality access through VPN tunnels with a variety of available VPN protocols. The price / performance ratio is especially good and the service is easy. Unfortunately, the website of StringVPN as well as the support is only available in English. Additionally, the privacy of European citizens / users might also suffer as a consequence of the provider’s legal obligation to cooperate with the NSA.

Finding VPNArea

VPNArea can be a VPN supplier registered in Bulgaria (at the mercy of Bulgarian jurisdiction). Nevertheless, the website is certainly hosted in Switzerland . Recently, this VPN provider is becoming more attractive since it continues to expand its supplying, offering some excellent features and working extremely reliably and safely.

He is mostly of the companies that offers customers a double encryption of visitors. We are so far just known NordVPN * , which offers this double protection.

Our encounter in screening VPNArea has been extremely positive.

VPNArea Consumers:

VPNArea provides the following apps and installation instructions:



Macintosh OS X,

iPhone, iPad

Linux (Ubuntu)

Asus RT + Netflix, DD-WRT + Netflix

Asus + VPNArea, DD-WRT + VPNArea

Asus Merlin

Amazon Fire Stick


Tomato router

Windows + Stunnel (China, UAE, Iran)

Macintosh + Stunnel (China, UAE, Iran)

The software program for OS X and for Home windows is quite clearly designed and very easy to use , although it includes more features than comparable software of various other VPN services.

After successful installation and activation of the application , this is in the toolbar display. From right here you can choose the different countries . In Dashboard application can all settings changes are.

After preliminary orientation difficulties, the operation was very easy. If you want to close the app, you need to choose ” Disconnect ” in the dashboard , not ” EXIT “, as you might erroneously suspect, normally the app will go away from the internet browser bar and the entire program should be restarted .

Prices from VPNArea

VPNArea offers different charges for different lengths of time . Much like all providers, the longer the membership lasts, the cheaper it gets.

A big As well as , what we must admit to this provider here:

There are NO AUTOMATIC BREAKDOWNs for subsequent intervals . That is, if you cancel a subscription for a month, the subscription won’t automatically continue from then on and will be debited again as much suppliers practice. You do not have to actively cancel right here. The subscription expires after the booked period basically . There is absolutely no annoyance due to missed termination appointments.

So you are not surprised by the procedure of VPN protection, if you use vpnarea within an active field, you will notice how long the subscription continues to be valid.

VPNArea provides a 7-day time money-back guarantee , allowing you to completely test the service.

SaferVPN – Dead or Alive?

You need to surf the net anonymously? Then you need a VPN, a so-called Virtual Private Network. Do you wish to lose nothing at all of your surfing speed, you will need the SaferVPN Download !

safervpn reviewSurfing faster because of SaferVPN Download

VPN is certainly aplenty – and all have almost the same features:

Anonymization of the IP address and your surfing behavior

Associated with this is actually the protection against eavesdropping and manipulation

Bypass country-specific blocking and censored websites

However, these advantages are at the trouble of velocity. Who surfs via VPN, usually surfs in sluggish motion. Unlike the safervpn review : The tool combines protection with 256-bit encryption and velocity while surfing. Even with annoying limits on downloads or perhaps a bandwidth limit, you do not have to get upset. As an added feature, there’s a smart Wi-Fi safety that immediately activates as soon as you hook up to an unprotected network.

700 servers in 34 countries provide you a fast VPN experience

With the SaferVPN downloads you get access to 700 high-rate servers in 34 countries. The self-explanatory procedure of the tool allows you to easily change places – from Japan to Argentina to South Africa. Sadly, the fast VPN isn’t free. Although you can download the device for free via our download button, for the use of the networks nevertheless, you require a paid membership. The prices are currently staggering as follows:

One month for 8,42 Euro

Twelve months for 50, 37 euros (50 percent savings compared to the monthly subscription)

Two years for 70.66 euros (65 percent cost savings compared to the monthly subscription)

Because of this you not only access an easy VPN, but also a customer support, which is definitely available 24 hours a day, 24 hours per day, seven days a week. In addition, thanks to the applications for Android and iOS, you can even switch your mobile devices to VPN, thereby protecting probably the most dangerous targets for hackers & Co. There is also a Chrome expansion, with which you may make switching to the personal network even more convenient.

An Unbiased View of Panda VPN

vpn pandaVPN could be a household name and you may have discovered it on the web. VPN is a virtual private network. You can undertake the network anonymously and safely with a VPN. Technical knowledge is not necessary and equally useful for newbies as well for advanced users.

Do you want to know what panda antivirus is and learn in detail how it works? In this post, we’ll explain just what a VPN is specifically and why you should use this virtual personal network currently.

What is a VPN?

When surfing the web, numerous intermediate stations are run through and the gadgets perform a series of functions. From the smartphone or PC to the in-home WLAN router, via various servers to the relevant site. You can also simplify the process and minimize traffic to two methods. On the main one hand the very own device and however the Internet service provider. Between these two stations, the traffic functions. Data is sent and received. What goes on if we add an intermediary between both of these stations? At this point, the virtual personal network comes into play.

The virtual private network provides another step to your link with the ISP – a tunnel for your visitors. This intermediate stage is performed by VPN to encrypt the information between you and the called website. Hacker will make access to your computer data more difficult and you will surf the Internet anonymously at the same time.

VPN prevents the data sent or received from becoming edited and changed. Your connection will end up being safe against interference.

Another big benefit of VPN’s is that you could simulate your location. Envision you are in Germany and wish to tell the web service provider that you will be in the US. You may use all the advantages of the different countries and deal with, for example, geo-blocking.

Utilizing a VPN is as easy as downloading and setting up an app. Once set up, you need to log in and connect. From this point on, all of your actions on the internet are encrypted and anonymous.

What is it possible to perform with a VPN?

Encrypted data, relocation, etc. but how will you reap the benefits of it? Within the next section, we’ll show you four convenient VPN applications:

Be safe in public areas networks

Internet cafes, hotels, libraries, research centers … Today there are plenty of places where you can surf the Internet free of charge and free without needing to enter your access data.

That’s great, but it is also an open up door for hackers and threats to your devices. In such instances, using a virtual private network is essential.

In public areas, the VPN acts as yet another security measure to prevent hacker attacks.

Remote Access (home based)

Should you have your home workplace or are self-employed, then VPN can be very beneficial to you. You can access various services and servers while raising the security regular of your network and data connection. You can prevent delicate data from getting hacked or stolen by your organization.

Online buying and on-line banking without risk

If you perform banking or frequently buy online then you should use VPN. The danger in the network is fantastic. Whether you are shopping online or doing all your banking business on the internet, your account information are deposited with the particular providers. With VPN, you minimize the risk of data theft.

Yet another feature of VPN is certainly you can browse online stores from different countries. As stated above, you can disguise and alter where you are. You can determine the lowest price with this trick.

A Simple Trick For ZenMate VPN Revealed

Not merely whistleblowers and Wikileaks founders attach great importance to anonymous browsing. Many users desire their personal privacy in the network at least as well known. With the free of charge chrome plugin ZenMate you can surf anonymously .

zenmate for chromeBlur your browse marks beyond acknowledgement – what’s possible in theory, turns out used as a fun brake. The surfing speed is decreased enormously and many web contents are not displayed at all. ZenMate really wants to discover the golden middle between anonymous browsing and the resulting loss of speed.

Surf anonymously thanks to a mixture of VPN and encryption

With the free of charge plugin for Chrome, you surf the net anonymously thanks to the VPN connection. ZenMate routes your traffic through foreign servers, which makes it very difficult to trace back again. You have the decision between the server places Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, THE UK and the USA. Just a click as well as your Chrome visitors will flow through the server in Zurich. Nevertheless, the redirection is not safe enough for ZenMate , which means that your data traffic is encrypted by the 256-bit AES algorithm. Webpages do not need an SSL process to reap the benefits of data encryption.

Browse anonymously with ZenMate: benefits and drawbacks

Surf with zenmate vpn in private and without visitors limit. Many competing products protect your personal privacy only up to a specific data limit. Once as of this limit, you possibly need to pay or wait. The plugin integrates after set up in Google Chrome. As well as the menu key, you will look for a sign icon that you can use to make all of the necessary settings. Regardless of the English vocabulary, the device is easy to use: you can quickly switch between the servers and pull the plug on ZenMate if required. Nice side effect: The VPN connection bypasses the united states locks of Youtube movies and makes them visible again.

However, only browsers that operate on the Chromium Open Source Browser Task are supported. These include Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, Maxthon and the current Opera browser. However, neither your mail customer nor a messenger like ICQ or Skype has anything from ZenMate. Nor are data concealed by Firefox or WEB BROWSER. In addition, after installation, a free of charge registration with the manufacturer is necessary. Because the Chrome plugin makes anonymous surfing possible, your browsing speed suffers a little bit. We recommend using ZenMate only when you handle sensitive data in the browser or low visitors flows through the lines.

Alternatives to surf anonymously

ZenMate specializes in Chrome traffic. If you too want to surf anonymously under Firefox and Internet Explorer, you may use Free Hide IP . The complete data of your computer will become redirected via an American server. If you are searching for a fully automated tool, Ok Independence could Fulfill your expectations. Although you are tied to a 500 MB data limit, you do not need to configure anything. Furthermore, there are numerous additional useful and mainly free applications to surf anonymously .

IPvanish Tips & Guide

is ipvanish safeThe IPVanish VPN provider has just been active in the VPN market since 2012, making it a comparatively young VPN provider. However, IPVanish can be a novice only as a firm, because behind the company is a group with 15 years of encounter in It all and IT security management. The existence of IPVanish is certainly equally distributed across Europe and THE UNITED STATES. An attribute that the business shares with hardly any VPN providers.

Some more about IPVanish

The experience of the group is clearly reflected in the performance of the product. The VPN convinces with swiftness, security as well as the tech support team is first class. IPVanish makes high demands on itself: “Our goal is to own best VPN service – with the highest speeds, the safest connections, the best support and the best prices.

Maybe ipvanish vpn review hasn’t yet reached all of its self-imposed goals, in the relatively short time since its founding, however they have managed to offer such a competitive VPN they are already among our favorites. With this they provide for most internet surfers the provider they expect. It must be considered that they still possess a whole lot of growth potential as young entrepreneurs, which depends on the demands of their users.

Logging deleted

A clear signal in this path, was the decision to delete the logging of visitors (observe: IPVanish deletes logging of traffic ), which is heavy in the tummy of some users who value privacy.

IPVanish also shows great understanding for its users over the continents, due to its strong international concentrate, and adjusts the global present accordingly. Furthermore, IPVanish knows the needs of users across continents and its own offerings through its worldwide reach also be able to align it specifically on a global level.

IPVanish has full control of its infrastructure

What is the meaning of this for their users? First and foremost, the IPVanish team can do their absolute best to meet the requirements of our clients. This ensures that everyone gets the privacy that counts to them, and that you also reach those websites that are essential to you.

Particularly noteworthy is usually IPVanish that they use an infrastructure that is owned by the business. Because of this, there is also full control. That is an important stage explaining why IPVanish is one of the fastest and most reliable VPN suppliers in the globe. They also offer some useful additional features, and are also among the cheaper companies.

Tunnelbear Help!

Everybody wishes data security. In order to guarantee this, VPN clients such as for example OpenVPN and consorts provide an sufficient alternative. However, the use of some of these providers overwhelms inexperienced Computer users and they too wish to be shielded against cyber episodes. TunnelBear promises even the largest computer beginner a simple-to-use VPN tool without operating problems.

bear vpnNot only due to its vivid design, but also thanks to a totally simple and very clear interface, TunnelBear proves that VPN clients usually do not necessarily have to be highly complex. In the beginning of the program, a guide introduces you to the basic functionality of the software.

But that is hardly necessary, because the user interface is self-explanatory. On a map, the servers of the respective countries are shown in the kind of little tunnel symbols. All you need to do now could be pick the tunnel in the country you need to hook up to. After a couple of seconds, your personal computer has adopted the IP of the destination country.

Streaming fun instead of security?

Now you be capable of gain access to the contents of worldwide media libraries such as for example Netflix without being affected by geo-locks. Individual settings such as for example data security could be adjusted in your options menu. Although this program has recently received a protection update, the security mechanisms are more convenient than optimal compared to related software program, including VPN and Shellfire VPN.

tunnelbear review supports Windows operating systems , macOS X , iOS devices and Google android devices . After a one-time registration, the freeware grants you usage of the VPN services, but this limits the available monthly data volume to 500 MB. For an unlimited range of buys of the high quality version for regular monthly $ 9.99 (8.44 €) in the monthly subscription or regular 5.83 dollars (4.92 €) in the annual subscription is necessary.


TunnelBear focuses less on protection than on giving you usage of international media libraries. If you would like to bypass geo-locks, you are able to do this with the program easily and cost-free. However, the low bandwidth does show eager film supporters quickly the limits of this program. If you are more concerned with the protection of their data in their daily walk through the web, freeware such as Shellfire VPN is way better.

PureVPN Tips

PureVPN may be the name of the VPN provider responsible for this give – which incidentally says that it’s the fastest VPN support in the world. We explain in the review how great PureVPN happens to be.

purevpn torrentWith numerous security features, connection modes and an enormous server selection, PureVPN sticks out initially from numerous competitors. Furthermore to advantages, these deviations also bring with it detrimental. How well the VPN service works in general, you read beneath. If you want to find out more about VPN services, we recommend that you have a look at our VPN comparison .


More than 750 servers in 141 says worldwide encompass the PureVPN infrastructure. This makes the present among the largest VPN networks ever. Furthermore to industry-standard AES 256-little bit encryption , the Hong Kong organization promises stringent privacy policies and dependable DNS leakage protection to safeguard your true IP address .

In addition to basic VPN features, PureVPN provides cloud-based antivirus protection. The virus scanner checks data transmitted online, however the purevpn cloud cannot verify locally transmitted content. In addition, anyone who wants blocks websites – for example in the context of parental settings. As opposed to using local software for such features, the VPN solution does not need the processing power of your end device.

Extensive software

With numerous consumer profiles, PureVPN is comparable in software to the CyberGhost application : Based on the application situation , a suitable user profile should be available. PureVPN supplies the modes Stream, Internet Freedom, Security and File Sharing. Based on the selection, the connection is made to varying servers, and a window lets you know whether your privacy is protected, the download swiftness is normally unlimited, and locked websites are allowed.

The application form handles these features fluently except for a few apparent translation errors. In fact, however, we expect a VPN service to satisfy all of the tasks mentioned in the previous paragraph in parallel and without having to decide on a profile. The feeling of a corresponding split does not open to us – specifically as the streaming profile cannot even effectively bypass the country blocks of Netflix or Yahoo View .

Manual connection setup

You only create manual connections in the desktop customer after selecting a profile. For the country selection, a graphical selection via map is usually obtainable here – very good. But if you would like to choose individual cities, you need to proceed through an unreliable Ping sorted list, an alphabetical list is normally missing. It isn’t possible for connecting using the button in the taskbar, along with missing the automated search for the very best VPN server based on where you are. The server search with PureVPN consequently costs unnecessarily enough time.

Alternatively, fortunately, a manual link with the PureVPN servers along the way of your decision is possible, for instance via OpenVPN . Equally possible is the service on the router. Missing, however, remains the bond via DNS construction , the service could also be on Smart Television and Co use.

Convincing speeds

Anyone who has found the right server are happy about the excellent upload and download speeds: In the check, we measured 37.3 megabits in the download and 15 megabits in the upload. the ping is normally 10.7 milliseconds. They are excellent ideals ​​that guarantee that the VPN often functions inconspicuously in the background.

With appropriate speeds, all everyday circumstances can be perfected – including streaming of high-resolution content material. An especially positive feature is the high upload rate, which should barely be throttled down by a DSL collection. Video uploads and co-nothing stands in the manner with PureVPN.